Kathleen M. Rodgers

Winner 2010 Silver Medal for "Living in a House Divided." A letter to Dear Abby, written by my protagonist in my new novel, Johnnie Come Lately.

In Dying To Be Thin, (Family Circle 8/9/94), I wrote about my 15 year battle with bulimia and how I overcame it. After the story ran, I was interviewed by New York radio personality, Joan Hamburg, of WOR. In Johnnie Come Lately, I explore how one woman is still haunted by bulimia years after recovery.

One Woman's Wait  ran in all three editions of Military Times, 10/1/90. The story focused on how my two young sons and I coped after my fighter pilot husband deployed to the Middle East. With the world tuned to the crisis in the Persian Gulf, I knew my story might appeal to a bigger market like Family Circle. Two weeks after I contacted the magazine, they offered me a contract. I'll Be All Right Without You  came out 1/8/91.

My essay, Remembering Forgotten Fliers...coming August 2014 from Potomac Books.

My poem about a blind boy appeared in this collection from Health Communications, Inc.

From AMG Publishers Inc;  some of my work from Family Circle was adapted for this book of devotions.

McGraw-Hill published six of my aviation poems in this collection.

An excerpt from my new novel Johnnie Come Lately is featured in this anthology.