Kathleen M. Rodgers

Readers’ Favorite – 5 Stars

"Warriors fight, they become battle weary, they lay down their lives for others. Some of the greatest warriors are mothers, they battle worry, fear and regret. They sacrifice all they are for their loved ones. Johnnie Come Lately portrays one woman’s will to overcome life’s tribulations through the power of love and the security of hope."

Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite

Monday Memo-ENMU
In the 3/23/15 issue of Monday Memo (the online newspaper for Eastern New Mexico University), I talk about my early days as a college freshman and how working as a student writer helped shape my career.

Katherine’s Bookshelf Midwest Book Review
Kathleen M. Rodgers captures several life-changing events in Johnnie Come Lately with empathy, seriousness and humor. Her characters are well-defined; her plot is very credible and her use of schemes to further her story all combine to make this a completely entertaining read.

North Carolina author and historian Keith Jones (The Boys of Diamond Hill and Georgia Remembers Gettysburg) reviews Johnnie Come Lately on his blog:
“An unforgettable book…. Rodgers unrolls this story in style, perfectly segueing one thread to the next in a fashion that keeps you turning the pages until a very satisfying end that ties it all back together and answers the questions that teased you throughout the book. Want great storytelling? Read this book.”

5On: Kathleen M. Rodgers with journalist Chris Jane on writing guru Jane Friedman’s website.In this 5On interview, author Kathleen M. Rodgers discusses her approach to writing and reading, her self-promotion philosophy, and why she won’t self-publish. She also shares a personal writing and publishing history that might serve as powerful encouragement to others to never give up.

Book Q & As with Deborah Kalb. The interview took place by phone on 1.26.15 after Ms. Kalb read an ARC of Johnnie Come Lately. Deborah Kalb coauthored the book, Haunting Legacy, with her famous journalist father, Marvin Kalb.

Stars & Stripes columnist Terri Barnes praises Johnnie Come Lately in an article titled “’Johnnie’ Comes Marching.”

The Military Spouse Book Review
"By the end of the novel, Johnnie Kitchen had become my friend, one that I am sad to be without now that Johnnie Come Lately is off my nightstand and back on my shelf, every word devoured." Review by Jodie Cain Smith (author of The Woods at Barlow Bend)


Buzz About Johnnie Come Lately

"A rich new voice has exploded in the South. Kathleen M. Rodgers creates beautifully flawed characters that remain with the reader for long after the novel is finished." --Ann Hite, 2012 Georgia Author of the Year for her novel, Ghost On Black Mountain.